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Gong Hey Fat Choi, Year of the Tiger (恭喜发财 虎年吉祥)

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! I’m so pleased to announce the second edition of my book, Getting Started in Chinese Genealogy: A family Historian’s Guide (even if you don’t speak or read Chinese. In this video, I sit down with you to share the Lunar New Year, some tasty treats, and a dive into the second edition.

[Updated 20 Mar 2022] Many thanks to all who submitted their contest entries! The contest is now closed.

Happy New Year with Linda Yip

It’s here! The second edition of Getting Started in Chinese Genealogy

The book will be on sale for 25% off for the month of February, in honour of the Lunar New Year. Readers who bought a copy of the first edition and would like the new, improved version are invited to contact me through my website here for a very sweet offer, because this book wouldn’t be what it is without your support, feedback, and interest.

4 thoughts on “Gong Hey Fat Choi, Year of the Tiger (恭喜发财 虎年吉祥)

    1. Well done! (For obvious reasons I had to redact your answer or give away the whole show!) There will be an email coming to you shortly.

  1. Thanks Linda, I enjoyed this CNY post and learned so much! Please enter me towards a free copy of your second book!

    1. Hi Pearl! Thanks for watching my New Year’s special. I had a lot of fun doing it.

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