My list of useful newspapers. Since acquiring a subscription in 2019, it’s become invaluable, but it’s not the only resource out there. Last updated 7 Aug 2020.

This gets top billing because it’s the best I’ve seen for the research I do, which is highly concentrated on urban centres. I reviewed in June, 2019. See Top 12 tips on getting the most out of (for Canada, for free).

British Colonist Online edition 1858-1980 – University of Victoria

This publication was one of the leading papers of Canada in its day. Great interface, searching by text and browsable by date.

Newspapers – SFU Digitized Newspapers – Simon Fraser University

A quirky collection of newspapers unlikely to be ever digitized by the big guys. Titles include The Chinese Times, The Canadian Jewish Review, and the student newspaper The Peak.

Newspapers – The Ancestor Hunt

Kenneth Marks has done an exhaustive job of researching newspapers and it shows. Spend a few minutes doing his Historical Newspaper Search Lessons – it’s time well spent.

BC historical newspapers – Open collection – University of British Columbia

Over 150 small town BC newspapers are here. I’d be curious to know who has more – UBC or

Internet Archive

Amazing site and getting better all the time. I just did a quick search for articles about my soccer-playing first cousin twice removed from the 1920s and 1930s and found a dozen articles from the Victoria Times Colonist.

Newspapers (for the prairies) – Peel’s Prairie Provinces, University of Alberta

Free and wonderful. I wish they’d digitize more. The OCR searches are not as good as those of

Newspaper Search – University of Manitoba

One central search engine for Manitoba papers. Note: not the Winnipeg Free Press – has that title.

Google Newspapers

While there are many more papers featured for the USA, I found a number of titles for Canada. Google appears to be going wide and shallow – a wider range of titles, with 5 editions / time period. I’m guessing this is a work in progress, but for a free resource, it’s darned impressive.

Bill Silver Digital Newspaper Archive – Vanderhoof Public Library

Free. Check this library for the digitized collections of the below named papers. Vanderhoof, BC is ~100 kms west of Prince George.

  • The Vanderhoof Herald:  1917-1920
  • Nechako Chronicle:  1920-1983
  • Omineca Express:  1982-1989 and 1991-2007