Books for Genealogists

This is a page of book reviews on materials I’ve found helpful in my genealogical research. Also see the Books for Chinese Canadian history page. Hint: click on the picture to access the link.


Burpee, L. (1927). An historical atlas of Canada. Toronto, ON: Thomas Nelson and Sons, Limited. Contains maps of the railways of Canada, among other things.



Harris, R. (1987). Historical Atlas of Canada, Volumes I, II, III. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press. Oversized, full colour maps of Canadian history from 1800 to present day. A must have resource for the Canadian genealogist.



Hull, L. (2006). Tracing your family history: the complete guide to locating your ancestors and finding out where you came from. Pleasantville, NY: Reader’s Digest Association. This is my recommendation for a first time genealogist.


Renick, Barbara (2003). Genealogy 101. Nashville, TN: Rutledge Hill Press. A great resource for beginners and experts, but could use some updating in the digital section.