Books for Genealogists

This is a page of book reviews on materials I’ve found helpful in my genealogical research. Also see the Books for Chinese Canadian history page. Hint: click on the picture to access the link.


Burpee, L. (1927). An historical atlas of Canada. Toronto, ON: Thomas Nelson and Sons, Limited. Contains maps of the railways of Canada, among other things.

Hanowski, Laura M. Tracing your Aboriginal ancestors in the Prairie Provinces: A guide to the records and how to use them. 2006. Regina, SK.: Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. This comprehensive text is a rich resource, filled with clearly written and logical advice on tracking down sources, with hints on how to ask for information that’s not available online. This isn’t just for Aboriginal roots – I found Chapter 1 – How to begin family history research valuable. We all need more tools in the toolkit, and this book would be a great addition to the Canadian researcher’s library.


Harris, R. (1987). Historical Atlas of Canada, Volumes I, II, III. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press. Oversized, full colour maps of Canadian history from 1800 to present day. A must have resource for the Canadian genealogist.



Hull, L. (2006). Tracing your family history: the complete guide to locating your ancestors and finding out where you came from. Pleasantville, NY: Reader’s Digest Association. This is my recommendation for a first time genealogist.


Renick, Barbara (2003). Genealogy 101. Nashville, TN: Rutledge Hill Press. A great resource for beginners and experts, but could use some updating in the digital section.