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This page contains news articles on notable Chinese Canadian subjects. If you see something you’re interested in, I suggest capturing it more permanently, as news articles don’t tend to stay up for very long, but if the link is dead, you might be able to locate it elsewhere.

4 fascinating facts hidden in Burnaby’s Chinese graves. CBC, 2016

Historian Maurice Guibord leads a walking tour at Ocean View Burial Park highlighting Chinese history.

100 Most Common Chinese Family Names

People sometimes ask me if their neighbour is a relation of mine, based on the fact that our last names are the same. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, because Chinese names have been romanized (using the English alphabet to approximate the Chinese word) in Canada. The only real way to tell is by looking up the original character. Here are the top 100 family names. Fun fact: there are only about 4K Chinese family names in total, so this list is 2.5% of all the family names out there.

BC Mainland Cup
Chinese Students Soccer team

1933 Chinese Students. BC Sports Hall of Fame, 2011

In an era when BC’s Chinese population were treated like second-class citizens, the Chinese Students Soccer Team stood as pillars of strength and a beacon of hope, the only Chinese-Canadian soccer team in Canada and thought to be the only such team outside of China.

An interactive look at BC’s racist past. The Province

A sobering reminder of BC’s historical treatment of Chinese, Japanese, Aboriginals, and South Asians.

BC must reconcile with its past official racism against Chinese Canadians. The Georgia Straight, 2014

Adrien Dix, Leader of the official Opposition and MLA for Vancouver Kingsway, reflects on the overt racism shown to Chinese Canadian immigrants in BC.

Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre

A project of the Chinese Canadian Cultural Centre in Calgary, Alberta. The site provides resources on the Chinese in Canada generally but focuses on the Alberta experience.

Chinese Canadian Stories. Citizenship and Immigration Canada, UBC and SFU

A collaborative site that brings together a wide variety of resources on the Chinese experience in Canada, with a leaning towards teacher resources.

The Chinese students soccer team. Fred Hume.

Hume’s well written, well researched essay on the improbable and heroic winners of the 1933 BC Mainland Cup: the Chinese Students soccer team (who were  inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame 78 years later, in 2011).

The heritage cult (Native Sons of BC). Unknown Victoria. 2009

The Chinese Exclusion Act didn’t happen in a vacuum. So who were the proponents of a piece of legislation meant to disenfranchise and demonize Chinese immigrants? Meet the Native Sons of BC.

Passage of Ages: Shanghai and Canton Alley, 1885-1954

A project of the Chinese Benevolent Society to honour two significant streets in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

The persistence of anti-Asian racism in Vancouver, Part 1. The Mainlander, 2012

An article that traces the roots of anti-Chinese racism in BC from the past to present day. Parts II and III are also available.