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Who was who? (Wiewaswie)

Searchable in its native Dutch or English, this is THE site for Dutch records – a true genealogist dream come true. It’s the central repository of Dutch records, a single lookup source for the entire country of The Netherlands. Imagine if Canada had a similar site? No more searching by province and having to learn each province’s peculiarities. But I’m getting off topic here…

A part of the reason why the records are so good is the underlying fact that the Dutch kept two copies of everything. It’s incredible that records have survived history – for example, the 1940 bombing of Rotterdam by the German army.

Here are some points to keep in mind as you search WhoWasWho:

  • You must have the accurate spelling of a name
  • The site is free, unless you’d like to search by soundex (names that sound similar)
  • The paid site offers family connections – like a Dutch ancestry tree, which means when you locate a person, you’ll find not only their record, but all the records of the people connected to them. Amazing, right?
  • Some files have the original records, which are free to download
  • The Dutch kept census results, population registers, and family cards – if you’re not familiar with the differences, do a few google searches to get up to speed before diving in


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WWII Escape and Evasion

A private site of information concerning European escape lines in WWII. Documents the various escape lines in detail; and lists the names, ranks, and outcomes (if known) of the escapers. Start here if you are researching this topic. A special thanks to Keith, who sent, unasked, records recommending an award for Andrée Virot.