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This is a page of genealogical and historical resources for the province of Manitoba, Canada

1870 Census of Manitoba

As seen from the table above, Manitoba joined Confederation in 1870. A census was taken of the province, but it was not included in the nationwide census of 1871. This is something to consider when searching for documents in the period.

1906 Census

For Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba only, two special censuses were taken to measure the impact of settlement and migration. As a result, there are 2 extra census records for genealogists: the 1906 and the 1916.

1916 Census (Prairie Provinces)

Begun on 01 Jun 1916, the second Prairie-only census was taken. It was the 9th for Manitoba, and the 3rd for both Saskatchewan and Alberta.

LSD Finder

If you’re not a farmer, you probably have a little trouble reading the legal land descriptions for the Prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This is my goto lookup – and it’s free for the first 20 searches / day.

Manitoba Genealogical Society

Provides a wealth of information and links to all things Manitoba.

Manitoba Vital Statistics scrapes from and links to this site, but you may be able to find the original record details here. You may need to pay if you would like a copy of the actual record. Note that each province has the right to restrict records as they see fit, so here are the limits for the Manitoba vital statistics:

  • Births more than 100 years ago
  • Marriages more than 80 years ago
  • Deaths more than 70 years ago

I found to my delight that the site accepts Boolean searches, which is a huge plus when searching for scrambled names. For example, I was searching for Jacob, and found Jacob, Jakob, Javol in various records. Using a Boolean search for “Ja*” will return all my known variants. Similarly, the year field will accept Boolean searches, in addition to the 3 dropdown choices of “Match”, “Or earlier”, and “Or later.” For example, if you are looking for records in the 1920s, you can specify “192*” to get them all.

Like some other provinces, Manitoba charges for documents. In Feb, 2018, the charge is $30 each. Here is a link for more information.

Winnipeg Free Press – Passages 

Obituaries from 2000 onward may be found here. Free.