Must-Have Tech

This is a page of technical resources that I use for my genealogical research. Unless otherwise stated, I am not paid to promote any of these resources.


I’ve used, FamilySearch, and Ancestry, and last year, I began a paid subscription to the Ancestry Canada site. Building a tree is easy and intuitive, and the site will use the information you provide to search its databases to provide research hints. See my post 10 Tips for more comments on using Ancestry. The price for a subscription varies.

Epson FastFoto 640 Scanner

I’ve just pulled the trigger on a super fast photo scanner (02 Jan 2018). Cost: CAD$700 plus taxes and shipping. I’m so excited about this I can hardly wait for it to be delivered. Until now, I’ve been scanning an archive of old photos v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. Here’s my review.


I moved to Evernote Premium to capture and store research information once my downloads folder, screen caps, and printed files started getting out of hand. I like the feature that allows me to isolate the excerpt I want and capture it without any of the other distracting page elements. You can try the free version to see if it fits your needs.

Evernote can capture web pages, PDFs, links, and anything you want to keep, in a searchable data format. This even applies to your handwritten notes, i.e., Evernote will digitize your notes and, depending on the neatness of your penmanship, will do its best to make them searchable. Imagine. All your notes, searchable, with you at all times.

Tiny Scanner

I’ve recently discovered Tiny Scanner, and I’m blown away by the concept: use your phone to capture PDF-quality data. If this means I don’t have to buy a portable scanner, I am sold. Tiny Scanner is available for Apple and Android phones.

Update: I’ve moved over to Evernote. My needs for digitizing information went well beyond Tiny Scanner’s free plan, and Evernote’s capture capability is just as good.


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