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Research like a Pro: Chinese genealogy

I’m very excited to share with you my first ever podcast.

Please join me on Research Like a Pro with Nicole Dyer and Diana Elder. I discuss the ins and outs of Chinese genealogy over the course of almost 45 minutes. Enjoy.

RLP 255: Bobby Gene Shults – Education The Research Like a Pro Genealogy Podcast

  1. RLP 255: Bobby Gene Shults – Education
  2. RLP 254: Edward Raymond Kelsey – Hobo Life
  3. RLP 253: How to Evaluate Sources in Family Trees
  4. RLP 252: How Accurate are Thrulines?
  5. RLP 251: Florence Matilda Creer Favorite Photo


Attending a conference brings nearly unlimited benefits: not only do you learn advanced research techniques but you also get to meet people who like spending their time learning about advanced research techniques.

In my Introduction to Genetic Genealogy course at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (coordinated by Paul Woodbury), I had the great good fortune to meet our Hive Minder Nicole Dyer, and that’s how I got to be on her wonderful podcast.

2 thoughts on “Research like a Pro: Chinese genealogy

    1. I’ve finally found time to listen to it – what an experience to hear yourself recorded in a long form conversation – and I’m so very grateful to Diana and Nicole both for the invite and for the absolute professionalism. Of course, because they truly embody “Research like a pro”!


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