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Research like a Pro: Chinese genealogy

I’m very excited to share with you my first ever podcast.

Please join me on Research Like a Pro with Nicole Dyer and Diana Elder. I discuss the ins and outs of Chinese genealogy over the course of almost 45 minutes. Enjoy.

RLP 144: Missouri Land and History The Research Like a Pro Genealogy Podcast

Today's episode of Research Like a Pro is about the geography and history of the state of Missouri. We also discuss how understanding the land and geography will help in researching Missouri ancestors. Diana shares some of her takeaways from the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) course she took with Pam Sayre on Missouri. Links Research in Missouri: The Land and the History – blog post by Diana Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) Research Like a Pro eCourse Study Group – more information and email list Research Like a Pro: A Genealogist's Guide by Diana Elder with Nicole Dyer on Thank you Thanks for listening! We hope that you will share your thoughts about our podcast and help us out by doing the following: Share an honest review on iTunes or Stitcher. You can easily write a review with Stitcher, without creating an account. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click "write a review." You simply provide a nickname and an email address that will not be published. We value your feedback and your ratings really help this podcast reach others. If you leave a review, we will read it on the podcast and answer any questions that you bring up in your review. Thank you! Leave a comment in the comment or question in the comment section below. Share the episode on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or your favorite podcast app. Sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications of new episodes. Check out this list of genealogy podcasts from Feedspot: Top 20 Genealogy Podcasts
  1. RLP 144: Missouri Land and History
  2. RLP 143: Writing a Family Narrative: The Thomas Bradley Family
  3. RLP 142: Research at a State Archive with Sam Howes
  4. RLP 141: Telling Compelling Family Stories
  5. RLP 140: Pre-1850 U.S. Census Research


Attending a conference brings nearly unlimited benefits: not only do you learn advanced research techniques but you also get to meet people who like spending their time learning about advanced research techniques.

In my Introduction to Genetic Genealogy course at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (coordinated by Paul Woodbury), I had the great good fortune to meet our Hive Minder Nicole Dyer, and that’s how I got to be on her wonderful podcast.

2 thoughts on “Research like a Pro: Chinese genealogy

    1. I’ve finally found time to listen to it – what an experience to hear yourself recorded in a long form conversation – and I’m so very grateful to Diana and Nicole both for the invite and for the absolute professionalism. Of course, because they truly embody “Research like a pro”!


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