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Explore the new Library and Archives Canada site (Oct 2022)

... Before, you went to Library Archives Canada's site, and then you went to the siloed databases. Like if you wanted "Immigrants before 1865," you search there. And then if you wanted "Russian Immigrants," you'd search there. So it was extremely difficult to find anything at Library and Archives Canada. And what was missing was a central collection search. Well, guess what, there is now a central collection search...

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My trip to the archives: how I prepare and what I found

Like you, I spend inordinate amounts of time researching obscure documents at odd hours. (Truthfully, sometimes it's research and sometimes it's getting lost down rabbit holes.) If only everything was online. I read archival finding aids like a Christmas wish list: I want this, and this, and this too. My curiosity is far bigger than my budget (to pay external researchers).

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How to read an original record for evidence

In this post I share my thoughts on some confusing concepts in genealogy - original and derivative records; negative evidence; primary, secondary, and indeterminable information - all by looking at one original record from the BC archives. Genealogy Search - BC Archives Those of us fortunate to research in British Columbia rely on the Royal… Continue reading How to read an original record for evidence

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The story behind the story “Genealogy – a Detective Story”

This is a story about a wild idea that led to a whole summer of genealogical discovery, meeting new people, and publishing my first magazine article. The idea behind "Genealogy - a Detective Story" Have you ever wondered what you could do with a brand new tree and a few clues to get you started?… Continue reading The story behind the story “Genealogy – a Detective Story”