Linda Yip 2018. Photo Credit: Adrienne Perrot.

Hi there, and welcome to my site. I’m obsessed by genealogy. I love connecting people’s families together. Along the way, I’ve learned little known facts about a wide variety of topics – history, law, politics, geography, religion, culture, sociology, and much more – and have collected resources along the way.

My favourite research interest is the history of the Chinese in Canada, from roughly 1880 to 1967. After that, it’s a toss up between genealogy research in Saskatchewan (a whole new world to discover) and keeping a mass of data organized and shipshape (with Evernote).

I’ve done research on an ever-growing list of other immigrants to Canada:

  • Icelanders in Manitoba
  • British immigrants in Newfoundland & Labrador, and Nova Scotia
  • French settlers with deep roots in Quebec – well before Canada was a country
  • French émigrés from France
  • Métis families with Hudson’s Bay connections
  • Dutch families from Rotterdam, Alkmaar, and Zaandam
  • Mennonite, Métis, Irish and Scottish families in SK
  • Force 136 and Chinese Canadians in WWII
  • English settlers in Brant, Canada West
  • homesteaders in Clearsprings, Manitoba

Why did I build this site?

In March, 2017, it occured to me that a website would be the perfect place to store all the links I’d found, as a kind of online genealogical resource library for my own work. I’d hoped also to share my knowledge, but frankly didn’t expect more than a handful of visitors.

What’s available for you?

I like free things. There’s no end to the ways you can spend money in genealogy, so I like to collect useful, free, content-rich or unique sites, and have them in one place. As well, I like knowing why I should go to a site before I go, because research time is precious. That’s why all my links have an explanation of what you’ll find at the link. Finally, I run an automatic link-checker to make sure the links are still live.

I’ve organized the information on this site in two rough categories: Resources (for general genealogy and history), and Chinese Canada, for resources specific to genealogical work relating to Chinese Canadians.

The Resources section is organized geographically. For example, there are sites for the country of Canada and there are sites for province-specifics, like this one for Saskatchewan only.

There’s also a page on my favourite Tech, and book reviews for general genealogy and for Chinese Canadian history.

Amazing things happen when you create something really, really niche

Incredible things have happened for me as a result of this site. Here’s a growing list of highlights:

  1. I wrote a 6,000 word, 3-part essay on the history of the Chinese Immigration Act and how it affected Canadians, and
  2. CBC Radio Saskatoon invited me to talk about it, and
  3. Professor Kwong invited me as a guest lecturer for her class in Asian American Studies 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  4. My story Genealogy: A detective story, was published in the winter 2018 edition of Prairies North Magazine.
  5. I’ve been on TV. Danica Lorer invited me to talk about blogging on her show Lit Happens in Feb 2019.
  6. I’ve met the most amazing collection of people around the world who are generous with their time and expertise.
  7. I went pro! I turned something I love to do for free into something people hire me to do.

Don’t have the time to do your own tree?

Interested in doing your tree? Have a look at what people are saying about me here.

So thanks for visiting, and please feel free to use the comment section to ask questions. Who knows? Together, we might hold two pieces of the same puzzle.


Do please see my privacy page at the link below, which is written as clearly as possible and lets you know what information this site collects, what is done with it, what you can do about it, and other super fun topics we all now need to consider in the age of Big Brother.