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What’s on in January

January is heating up with events! Genealogy planning - Genealogy with a Canadian Twist, 9 January, 8:00-9:00 pm EST (Webinar) On Thursday, January 9th, I participated in my first-ever webinar hosted by Kathryn Lake Hogan, with panellists Lianne Krüger, Christine Woodcock, and Kaye-Prince Hollenberg. The topic was genealogy planning: what's on your To Do list,… Continue reading What’s on in January

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Travels in China – the tech

I can hardly remember now what it was like to travel without tech. A journal and a pen! Post restante mail! It's like the Dark Ages - listen up kids, let me tell you about the time I had to line up for my mail... For this trip I spent a lot of time and money choosing, buying,… Continue reading Travels in China – the tech

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Travels in China – the food

If I had to pinpoint the most accessible cultural gift China has given the world, I would have to choose food. People who rarely meet Chinese people will tell me their favourite Chinese restaurant. They're trying to find common ground and food is the great common table at which we all partake. So let's talk… Continue reading Travels in China – the food

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Travels in China – the Overseas Chinese

One of the more startling revelations from the trip was learning about the Overseas Chinese - that's us. We folk of Chinese origin, we whose ancestors migrated from Sze Yup/Wuyi, China from about 1850-1949, we who are Chinese-something, be it Chinese Canadian, Chinese Hawaiian, Chinese Malay, Chinese South African, Chinese Thai, Chinese Singaporean and about 100… Continue reading Travels in China – the Overseas Chinese