If genealogy were a novel, it would be War & Peace, set in Call of the Wild, with all the characters from The Corrections. It’s endlessly fascinating, and what I love most is its capacity to encompass everything – history, law, politics, geography, religion, culture, sociology, psychology – because at its heart it is about people.

For me, genealogy is about the stories: the ones we heard growing up, and the ones we find through research. The stories that resonate the most for me are those that have largely been forgotten or overlooked by history.

Linda Yip, speaking about her article “Yip Sang the Patriarch – Reflections on a true Canadian pioneer,” OMNI TV, 27 Jun 2020

What’s available for you here?

There’s no end to the ways you can spend money in genealogy, so I like to collect useful, free, content-rich or unique sites, and have them in one place. As well, I like knowing why I should go to a site before I go, because research time is precious. That’s why all my links have an explanation of what you’ll find at the link.

There are two main Resource sections: one for Asian genealogy, the other for general genealogy (the latter organized geographically).

Amazing things happen when you create something really, really niche

Incredible things have happened for me as a result of this site, such as:

  • Driven by my need to know, I broke all the blogging rules to write a 6000 word, 3 part essay on the history of the Chinese Immigration Act and the Dominion Elections Act, and how it affected Chinese Canadians, and then,
    • CBC Radio invited me to come talk about it, and then
    • Professor Kwong at Indiana University invited me to lecture. (Ah, the power of virtual.)
  • Went to Sze Yup, China to visit my ancestral roots (Oct 2019) with the Heritage of Cantonese Migration Tour
  • Joined the Ancestry Canada Advisory Board (Nov 2019)
  • Attended my first Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy course on Chinese Ancestry (Jan 2020), and then signed up for my next one (Jan 2021)
  • Have spoken on Facebook LIVE, CBC Radio Vancouver, and OMNI TV. See my Media & Events page here.

Throughout my genealogical journey, I have met passionate newbies, generous experts, and far flung cousins. I could not do what I do without the ongoing conversation and support in the genealogy community.

Interested in some research?

My speciality is the history of the Chinese in Canada. An unintended but incredible benefit is being able to connect many of the historic families in Canada with my private tree (1700+ people), document archive (7400+), and image archive (38K+). My geographic focus is Western Canada: from BC to Manitoba, with a focus on BC and SK. Finally, I am as passionate about organizing as I am about family history, and have given multiple talks on using Evernote for genealogy.

Please check out my blog to see some of the research projects I’ve tackled.


Do please see my privacy page at the link below, which is written as clearly as possible and lets you know what information this site collects, what is done with it, what you can do about it, and other super fun topics.