Selected Laws and Regulations

The history of Chinese Canadians immigration in Canada is a harsh one. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Canadian immigration acts and legislation 1869-1988

Canadian immigration acts and legislation, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. A review of the acts and legislation 1869-1988, including original document images.

Chinese Regulation Act, 1884

“This bill requires every Chinese to take out an annual licence and pay therefor $10.00 to the use of Her Majesty…”

Chinese Immigration Act, 1923

Canada closes the door to Chinese immigration. It stays effectively shut for 24 years: 1885-1947.

8. No person of Chinese origin or descent unless he is a Canadian citizen within the meaning of paragraph (f) of section two of 1910 c. 27. The Immigration Act shall be permitted to enter or land in Canada, or having entered or landed in Canada shall be permitted to remain therein…

The Department of Immigration and Colonization – Chinese Immigration

Until 1953, the Chinese living in Canada had to apply for permission to leave the country if the wished to re-enter. This requirement applied regardless of destination. See the link for records 1910-1953.

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