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Linda Yip

Linda Yip achieved exceptional results for me in my quest for my late father’s World War II military files. With extraordinary patience and perseverance, Linda was able to reach archivists at the Library and Archives Canada to obtain clarification of ambiguities in the application form and to find out the best method for submitting the application and supporting materials. Although Linda warned me that LAC is very short staffed and that I would probably face a long wait, it was only six weeks before she received delivery. She then had to wrangle with the extremely frustrating secure site used by LAC to deliver the documents. The results greatly exceeded my expectations and provided me with much new information, which I would not have been able to obtain without Linda’s help. It is a joy to work with Linda because she is so knowledgeable and professional. She is an expert on immigration history, in particular the history of Chinese immigrants to Canada and their descendants. Not only does she know the documentary sources and the academic research, she also has a deep understanding of the community’s lived experience and heritage, and she is constantly enhancing her knowledge. I recommend her enthusiastically as a genealogist. CFL

You are a joy to work with. – YL

Having the tiniest details to go on, some DNA matches and no biological family to consult, Linda Yip has been an invaluable resource as I learn to research my family tree. She knows all the tricky variables with early Chinese Canadian immigration and can quickly prioritize what to search for and how. Thanks to Linda’s help, I now know the names of my Chinese ancestors who immigrated from China! – TH

Exceeded expectations! Incredible research coast to coast across both Canada and the US. Linda’s in depth analysis uncovered long forgotten family treasures spanning several generations. – CG

I have always wondered about my family history, but I never really knew where I should start and taking on such a project seemed so daunting! Working with Linda any fears or concerns I had about taking on the project were quickly alleviated. She made the process fun and easy. She was very professional, maintained boundaries, and only asked questions that were relevant to filling in the missing pieces of my family tree. Without knowing much of my ancestry, beyond my grandparents, I was amazed at the information she was able to dig up. While there is still so much more to discover Linda has locked in a few of those missing puzzle pieces and I am excited to continue working with her to complete the puzzle! I would highly recommended Linda’s services to anybody who is looking to dig into their family history. – CC

I engaged Past Presence genealogy services to discover more about my Dutch heritage. In a very short time Linda’s impeccable research uncovered a family tree going back 7 generations (to the 1850’s!)
This report greatly exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend Past Presence genealogy. You will enjoy working with Linda and appreciate her professionalism and dedication.
This service is priceless. – RK

The report was fantastic and it actually triggered some memories for my mom.  I believe she even teared up a bit! Wow, Linda!  I am incredibly happy with your research and it was so worth it!  You are awesome. – KP

My family engaged the services of Linda Yip to update our genealogy.  It felt like an overwhelming task to see  where our family tree had gone. Linda was able to start with the information we knew, and then fill in the missing pieces.  She is detailed and methodical and very professional.  Linda was able to find the information in great depth, within a short span of time. We really appreciated her assistance in assisting with this project. I would highly recommend Linda for her services. – AZ

I didn’t know very much about my family before Linda presented my family tree… the family details that Linda was able to share with me as a  result of her detailed research brought those family members – and many others – to life. She had found detailed information on my family including many types of official documentation that revealed a much broader network of extended family than I knew existed. Throughout the project I was impressed by Linda’s in-depth knowledge of the data sources and her efficiency in linking together many disparate pieces to create a single picture. Linda’s work in identifying long-lost family members and showing how we are related provides me with something tangible to use to initiate new family discussions – and perhaps the opportunity to renew long-lost relationships. – CK