Shopping FAQs

Are you having trouble shopping? Here are some FAQs to help smooth the shopping experience.

I can’t tell where to download from the website.

At the checkout, you get your first of two chances to download.

I missed the part on your site for the download.

Don’t worry! If you accidentally closed the browser window before you got your file, you get a second chance to download with your receipt.

Click the “Guide” to start the download.

I’m trying to get a copy but I get the message, “Sorry you have reached your download limit for this file.” I didn’t get the file. What is going on?

If you’ve tried downloading and you’re getting this message, it’s likely that you have a copy somewhere on your device.

I can’t find the download on my device, and…

  • I have a personal computer (for example Dell, HP, IBM) running Windows 10. Please see Find my downloads in Windows 10 here.
  • I have a Google smartphone or Google tablet (Android). Please see Where do downloads go on Android here, or for a video, see How to Find Downloads on Android here.
  • I have an iPad, iPhone or iPod. See the video How to Find Downloaded PDF Files on ALL iPhones, iPads, iPods here.
  • I have an Apple Macbook computer. Please see How to find downloads on your Mac computer here.
  • I have an Apple iPad. Please see How to find downloads on an iPad here.
  • I have an Apple iPhone. Please see How to download files onto your iPhone, and where to find and open those files later here.

I’m still not getting my file.

If you are still having trouble, please contact me through my site here. I will make sure you are happy.