Media & Events

Here’s my running list of appearances, spanning the gamut from TV and radio to print and virtual.


19 Sep 2020: Keynote, Saskatchewan Genealogy Society and Moose Jaw Genealogical Society. Details to come.

1 Jul 2020: CBC Radio Vancouver’s On the Coast with host Margaret Gallagher sitting in for Gloria Macarenko. Celebrating Canada’s 153rd birthday with reflections on the lesser-known Canadian pioneers: Linda Yip talks about her great-grandfather Yip Sang.

26 Jun 2020: OMNI Television. Yip Sang and using Ancestry for genealogy. On Facebook (you’ll need an account) in Cantonese and in Mandarin. Interesting note: these are two completely different segments.

26 June 2020: Ancestry Canada Blog. Yip Sang the patriarch – Reflections on a true Canadian pioneer. Article exploring Yip Sang’s life and impact on the development of Canada.

26 June 2020: Article, Sing Tao Daily, “不能遺忘:華裔先僑歷史 追根溯源:每個家族的故事” (Unforgettable: Tracing the roots of the history of Chinese-American pioneers: the stories of each family). Yip Sang and the history of the Chinese in Vancouver, BC. The link takes you to the Sing Tao article in Chinese. If you don’t read Chinese (and I don’t), here’s my quick How To blog on getting a translation with Google Chrome.

7 May 2020: Chinese Genealogy 101 Coffee Chats via Zoom, British Columbia Genealogy Society. Starting in May, I will be hosting monthly coffee chats about Chinese genealogy for the BC Genealogical Society on the first Thursdays of the month. We’re in a strange new world of not being able to meet up in person but we’re able to meet up with online platforms like Zoom, and I am grateful.

5 May 2020: War against the Nazis ended 75 years ago this week, The Toronto Sun. Liz Braun asks me about the story of great-aunt Lily and her super-secret job WWII at the Boeing assembly plant on Sea Island, Vancouver, BC.

22 Apr 2020: The Chrysalis: The Early Life of Susanne Gim Ling Yip Sang. I take the documents found in my webinar for and put them together into a working theory of her life as a young woman who started off wanting to be a teacher in Vancouver in 1917, and what may have motivated her to pursue her career in Guangdong, China instead.

21 April 2020: Finding Susan: Exploring Chinese genealogy with, Webinar event, hosted by on Facebook Live. You can see a replay of my webinar here.

Finding Susan: Exploring Chinese genealogy with Hosted by on Facebook Live, 21 Apr 2020. For those sharp-eyed readers, let me share with you that I realized only when I was writing the follow up blog post that I’d incorrectly ID’d the wrong woman as “Susan” in this photo. Ah, the joys of genealogy.

9 Jan 2020: Genealogy Planning – Genealogy with a Canadian Twist. I join a panel including Lianne Krüger, Christine Woodcock, and Kaye Prince Hollenberg and hosted by Looking4Ancestor’s Kathryn Lake Hogan. From Kathryn’s site: “We’ll be discussing what methods and items we use to plan, what genealogy conferences and institutes are available, and other things we hope to accomplish this year to make it our best yet.”

Jan 12-17, 2020: Chinese genealogy. Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy Conference. Salt Lake City, UT.


23 Nov 2019: Using Evernote for genealogy. Fall Seminar, Saskatchewan Genealogical Society – Saskatoon Branch, Saskatoon, SK.

18 Nov 2019: Where is “home”: Perspectives on Chinese Canada. Presentation to the Asian Diaspora class, Asian American Studies Program; Indiana University; Bloomington, Indiana.
Presentation – Where is “home”? Perspectives on Chinese Canada

Oct 13-25, 2019: The heritage of Cantonese migration. Tour of the historic area of Sze Yup,Guangdong, China. Not properly a speaking event  – more like an interacting event – but such a momentous tour, I feel it deserves some recognition here. See my first post here.

4 May 2019: Using Evernote for genealogy. Genealogy and Tech Seminar, London Drugs, Saskatoon, SK.

11 Mar 2019: A guest blog on Laura Hedgecock’s blog Treasure Chest of Memories: How Understanding Culture Can Help with Genealogy and Storytelling

28 Feb 2019. Storytelling: A day in the life of Saskatoon in 1914. Presented at Winter Stories, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.

1 Feb 2019: My TV guest spot: talking about the power of a good family story on Lit Happens
Lit Happens with host Danica Lorer and guest Linda Yip, Feb 2019


12 Dec 2018: My article Genealogy – a Detective Story is published in the winter edition of Prairies North Magazine, Saskatchewan. See The story behind the story “Genealogy – a Detective Story”

28 Nov 2018 – Creating an authentic voice. Presentation to the Asian American Studies Program;  Indiana University; Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

1 Oct 2018, Volume 3, Issue 10. Chinese Canadian research tips. Article. British Columbia Genealogical Society Newsletter. Richmond, BC.

20 Sep 2018: Using Evernote for Genealogy. Presentation to the Saskatoon Branch, Saskatchewan Genealogy Society; Saskatoon, SK.

Photo of Linda Yip during presentation
Linda Yip presenting to the Saskatoon Branch, Saskatchewan Genealogy Society. Photo: SGS 2018.

12 Aug 2018: Past Presence announced the winner of the first ever genealogy contest in Saskatchewan, we have a winner. Saskatoon, SK.


27 Sep 2017: An uncertain homecoming – civil rights and the Chinese in Canada. Presentation to the Asian American Studies Program;  Indiana University; Bloomington, Indiana.

Photo of Linda Yip and the AAST class
Linda Yip and the AAST class. Photo Credit: Professor Kwong, Indiana University, 2017.

28 Jun 2017: Canada’s history, the CBC, and me. CBC Radio interview with host Peter Mills about the fight for civil rights for the Chinese in Canada. Saskatoon, SK.