This is a page of resources about the province of Saskatchewan, Canada

SK Genealogical Society

A wealth of resources, run by dedicated volunteers, and backed by SK Culture, with funding from SK Lotteries. The society offers conferences, field trips to Salt Lake City, books, and more. I discovered it when I was reading the excellent Tracing your Aboriginal Ancestors in the Prairie Provinces. See my review in Books for Genealogists here.

I joined the SK Genealogical Society in January, 2018.

Saskatoon Public Library – Genealogy and History

Are you a resident of Saskatchewan? Did you know you can access many of the digital resources from the comfort of your couch with a library card? It’s true. Find the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan, Peel’s Prairie Provinces, and Prairie Gold: Sports Heroes from Saskatchewan, among others.

The worldwide Ancestry Library Edition, though, can only be accessed at the library. I bring a laptop and download my finds to my hard drive. If you don’t have a laptop, you can still access Ancestry on the library’s computers and send your finds to yourself via email. For free.

Note: The SK budget was released on March 22, 2017, and both the Saskatoon and Regina public libraries lost their funding. It was touch and go, but thanks to a large public outcry, funding was reinstated. Thank goodness.