Genealogy Step by Step

Linda Yip researching at Library and Archives Canada Jun 2023 Ottawa

Here’s my dream: that you will be able to find your Chinese Canadian family with confidence. And it won’t take you the 30 years it’s taken me to learn this stuff.

I’ve given dozens of talks on all things genealogy since 2018. My sweet spot is when people are able to immediately use the tools I provide. But in every group there’s a range, from “I’m with you — keep going!” to “I was lost about 10 slides ago.” Truth is, we all process at different rates. And that’s OK! That’s the fun of learning.

People often contact me asking for specifics in their learning journey. Questions like, “Can you show me again how to navigate that site?” or “What was the tip you said here?” or “Is there a recording?” or “Please help me.”

Here’s the problem with recordings. They’re not geared to your individual needs. You’re either going to be “information overload” or “I’m bored.” You’re busy living your life.

If only there was some way to answer your question right now, so you can get back to the fun of searching.

That’s what I’m offering. In this collection, I’m building short, sweet, organized how-to video tools in addition to accessing my very best talks and research blogs. The best of both worlds. Stop hunting. Sign up to get access to tools that you need, when you need them. Come back when you need to learn more. Tell me what you need and I’ll record a video to add to the library.

What do you say? Are you in?