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Uncovering the story behind a mysterious 1930s photo

Catherine and I were successful in unravelling the mystery (and it was also great fun). The photo was taken by C.B. Wand to capture the nomination of the candidates for Jubilee Queen. Using a combination of curiosity, expertise, an original photo, and published sources, we were able to answer almost every question.

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What do I do with old VHS tapes?

As I work through this process, I need to ask myself about the goals of this project. Before investing time and dollars: What are the goals for converting the tapes to digital? Who is the intended audience? Where will the converted files be used? Where will the files be stored? How will the files be shared? Where will the files go in twenty years or more (legacy planning)?

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Force 136 like you’ve never seen them – in living colour

I'm super excited to share today's post with you. Last week, I told you there would be a big surprise. HERE IT IS. Val Erde chose this photo to bring to life. Her research, talent and artistry literally brought tears to my eyes. It felt like the next best thing to actually being there behind… Continue reading Force 136 like you’ve never seen them – in living colour