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PSST: I’m going live on the radio on Canada Day!

UPDATE 2 Jul 2020: Thank you, everyone who tuned in. If you didn’t have a chance, here’s a link to the broadcast.


Cheers! Tomorrow, please tune into CBC Radio’s On the Coast, where I’ll be speaking about my great grandfather Yip Sang and the impact a visionary like him had on Canada’s development as a country. Yup. I get to talk about a real Canadian pioneer who is also related to me on Canada Day. How awesome is that?

If you’re in BC

Easy! Tune into CBC Radio One. About 5:30 pm Pacific.

If you’re not in BC

Still easy! CBC Radio online at 5:30 Pacific / 6:30 Mountain & SK / 8:30 Eastern / 9:30 Atlantic / and I am guessing 10:00 pm NL. Go to the link, choose the dropdown for any station broadcasting from British Columbia, and you’re in!

Want to know more ?

Check out my article on Yip Sang for Ancestry Canada: Yip Sang, the Patriarch – Reflections on a True Canadian Pioneer.

About me

Linda Yip is a member of the Ancestry Canada Advisory Board. She’s a 4th generation Chinese Canadian, and yes, she’s a member of the Yip Sang family. She writes about her latest genealogy finds from tools to uncovered family stories on her blog She’s an active member of the BC and SK genealogy societies and is also a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. Her passions are the history of the Chinese in Canada, Force 136, her growing collection of 30K+ images, and keeping her finds organized! Most weekends you’ll find her curled up on the couch with her laptop, either researching or writing about genealogy.

5 thoughts on “PSST: I’m going live on the radio on Canada Day!

  1. Darn – I missed it. I turned the radio on but it didn’t sound like OTC was on, so I listened to a genealogy podcast instead…will see if I can catch up with it on the website!

    1. Thanks for trying! I believe CBC Radio keeps a collection of On the Coast interviews – at least I hope mine will be uploaded along with the others that are there. I’ll do a follow up post as soon as it’s up.

  2. Hello Linda – I just received your email (dated July 4th) advising that you would be On The Coast on July 1st. You will be glad to know that the podcast is online and I enjoyed listening to the podcast! Also enjoy your online posts. Salli

    1. Hi Salli! Very nice to meet you here. Thank you very much for listening, and for taking the time to comment.


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