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What’s on this month at Past-Presence

Today is the start of Asian history month. Here’s what’s happening at [updated 4 May 2023]


I will be giving five live webinars this month.

May 2 – I host the live Chinese Genealogy Coffee Chat, sponsored by the British Columbia Genealogical Society and Free for members of the BCGS and my Facebook Group Genealogy for Asian Canadians.

May 3 – I will be presenting “Getting started in Chinese genealogy (for genealogy professionals)” to the Ontario Chapter, Association of Professional Genealogists. All are welcome. Free for members of the APG. This session will be recorded. Tickets are only $5 for non-members. Contact the OCAPG for inquiries.

May 10 – I will be presenting “House of Memory – how my family’s home became a national museum” to the British Columbia Genealogical Society. Free for members. For more information, contact the BCGS.

May 18 – I will be presenting “House of Memory – how my family’s home became a national museum” to the Saskatoon Branch, Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. Free for members. For more information, contact the SB-SGS.

[updated] May 31 – I will be presenting “Finding the records for “impossible” genealogy: lessons learned from a Chinese genealogist,” to the Oakville Public Library. For more information, contact the Oakville Public Library.


I have a few gems planned for you:

  • [updated] Senator Woo speaks: The Honourable Yuen Pau Woo, Senator for British Columbia, spoke regarding the coming centenary of the Chinese Exclusion Act. I’ll provide the recording to this historic speech and offer some comments of my own.
  • Book review, “From Wah Lee to Chew Keen,” by Liping Wong Yip, published by Friesen Press. This is both a story about an unknown ancestor and an example how an “impossible” research mystery can be successfully solved.
  • Book review, “Road Work,” by Greg Soone, self-published. This is a gorgeous work that spans international borders with lyrical images.
  • “Coffee Chat Series: Canadian voters lists for Asians and other disenfranchised folks,” the recording and transcript of our spring coffee chat exploring a common genealogical source for not-so-common issues. With the coming of the 1931 census this summer, get ready with more tools in your toolkit.

Thank yous
Jack Gin and the author, Vancouver, May 2022. Photo by Wakefield Agency. ©

Building a speaking portfolio is scary but oh, so rewarding. I’m grateful to every organization who has asked me to speak, beginning with CBC Radio back in June, 2017. I remember donning those headphones and being absolutely terrified. Since then, I’d like to give a shout out for multiple speaking engagements with:

  • The Saskatoon and Moose Jaw branches, Saskatchewan Genealogical Society
  • British Columbia Genealogical Society
  • Asian American Studies Program, Indiana University
  • Ancestry®
  • Jack Gin, Ginsight Productions
  • Chinese Family History Group, United States
  • The Paper Trail Exhibition, by Catherine Clement
  • Chinese Canadian Museum
  • Oakville Public Library
  • Association of Professional Genealogists
  • and the members of my Facebook group, Genealogy for Asian Canadians

Thank you for asking me. It is my honour to share my stories with you.


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