Prince Edward Island (PEI)

This is a page of resources about the Canadian province of PEI. Last updated 25 Sep 2019.
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Ancestor Search – Library and Archives Canada (LAC)

If you haven’t been on LAC lately, it’s worth another look. In 2019, LAC rolled out my three favourite words in the English language: centralized database search. Bearing in mind that the usual spelling issues still apply, you can now search all the collections at once.

Public Archives Material Online (PARO)

Great database of indexes. From the site:

Vital Statistics Records

  • Baptisms (including the former PEI Baptismal Index, 1777-1923)
  • Marriage licences, 1827-1919 (includes digitized originals, 1827-1888)
  • Marriage registrations, 1920-1936
  • Deaths, pre-1906
  • Death registrations, 1906-1968

Definitely read the information page on what’s in the database, and especially how to search it. You may be tempted, as I alway am, to go straight to the database, but at the least have a look at the advanced search functionality and use of wildcards. I notice this information does NOT show up in either Ancestry or FamilySearch, which is interesting.