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When Canada excluded us: remembering 1 Jul 1923

The Senate has created a website of events. Sign up to get notice of events and / or register your event. Let's make this a year to remember. I wish my father and uncle could see this. I think they'd be proud to see their struggles honoured this way - not a single speech, not with a single day, but a year's worth of events from bottom to top. There are archivists, authors, curators, historians, societies, and speakers all lined up. The aim is to connect this whole wide country together in recognizing the rights and freedoms given to us by our forebears.

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Webinar: Exploring Chinese genealogy on Ancestry

Ancestry Canada invited me to give a webinar on Chinese genealogy on April 21, 2020 on Facebook Live. For those who may have missed it, or for those who had trouble accessing the site, here you are. I can't think of a better way to kick off Asian Heritage Month. In this webinar, you will… Continue reading Webinar: Exploring Chinese genealogy on Ancestry