This is a page of resources I’ve found helpful for genealogical research in the USA.


Find a Grave, and

Cemetery records are invaluable – for me, the first place to look when searching for long lost ancestors are cemeteries and death certificates. Start with Find a Grave, then go to, even if Find a Grave locates your person. Also, I find that sometimes, a specific search for a name on the landing page might come up with no good results, while a more general search for a location might uncover the person you’re looking for… or their relatives. Remember too, that families are often buried together, so searching nearby is a good practice.

After I spent a weekend locating long lost ancestors in far-flung places, I joined the volunteer community at Find a Grave in February, 2018. It feels great to be able to assist someone else’s genealogical research this way.

Library of Congress – Historic American Newspapers

As of this writing, there are over 2500 newspapers available from nearly all the American states and territories. Hopefully, the last holdouts will get on board, as this is an incredible resource for genealogists and historians alike. It’s also absolutely free, unlike the more well known


Seattle Public Library – Special Collections Online

Newpapers, photos, and more, digitized, searchable and free. Of special interest to the genealogist are the Seattle City Directories.

University of Washington Digital Collections – Photos

Free resources for the history of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, including Western Canada.