Photo History

Cheesy 1980s Motel Postcards

I ran across this great cache of motel postcards from the 80s and have to share them with you.

1984 – The Downtown Howard Johnson’s, New Orleans

The perfect place for planning your next witness protection placement, complete with FBI standard-issue raincoat.

Like a cheese grater, featuring 10 floors of hotel above 5 floors of parking.

1984 – Aztec Inn, Tucson, AZ

Comes complete with Ken and Barbie.

1984 – Palm Springs TraveLodge

We put the emphasis on “palm”, not so much on “lodge.”

1984 – Shamrock Motel, Spokane WA

Artist’s rendition. We’ll have the motel built by the time you get here.

Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas

There’s a mirage in the photo. Ha ha.

1985 – Westin La Paloma, Tucson, AZ

Where’s Waldo, Westin-style.

1984 – Ashland Hills Inn, OR

Don’t mind the trees. They got in the way of the shot of the parking lot.

Summit Inn, Washington

Internationally famous ski resort, like Chamonix and Banff.



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