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One more postcard – Bob Hope’s house then and now

Have you ever said to yourself, I want a house that resembles a volcano? Bob Hope did.

Fast stats:

  • Original owners: Bob and Dolores Hope
  • Architect: John Lautner
  • Architectural vision: a modernist volcano
  • Constructed: 1973-1980 (burned down once during construction)
  • Size: 23,366 square feet
  • Feb, 2013 asking price: USD$50 M
  • Dec, 2014 asking price: USD$25 M
  • Nov, 2016 selling price: USD $13 M

What I love about this card is how the mountains look as though they’ve been trimmed with children’s scissors.

How does it look now?

It’s still an architectural wonder. The red roof has been replaced with a more subdued slate grey so now it’s more space ship than volcano.
Unmodified photo by @BackstageGabe. Avaliable via Creative Commons licence 2.0 at Flickr


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