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What’s Evernote for genealogy?

I was at a recent meeting of my local genealogy group when a member asked the group: Does anyone use Evernote for genealogy?

I put up my hand.

For the folks who’d like all my Evernote posts in one blog, here you are. If you’d like to go straight to seeing how Evernote works, start with the Intro to Evernote post.

Apr 1 – The background story of why I opted to move to a paperless system

You can’t carry it all with you: How I moved from paper to e-files and put a rocket booster under my genealogical research

Apr 8 – 6 factors to consider when thinking about how to organize your genealogical research

Your genealogy research process – it doesn’t have to be painful but it does have to work

Apr 15 – 3 categories of filing systems

How E-files, paper files & in-between files: Organizing your genealogical research

Apr 28 – A video intro to Evernote

Evernote for genealogy

May 8 – A how to video on saving docs to Evernote, using Ancesty as an example

Evernote for genealogy – Saving Ancestry docs in Evernote

Jun 2 – Using Evernote to tackle documents that are hard to categorize but you want to keep nevertheless

Using Evernote for genealogy: F-A-N research


As you can see, I’m an ardent researcher, process freak and lover of Evernote. If you have a particular question you’d like to me to cover in a future post, please leave a comment below.


7 thoughts on “What’s Evernote for genealogy?

  1. This is great! I just watched all of your evernote videos, and found them very informative – almost as if I’d taken a seminar. I have Evernote and had fallen out of the habit of using it, and in fact, was considering dropping the subscription. Guess I won’t do that now!

    Thanks again for all of your knowledge that you are transferring – it’s hugely appreciated. Love your blog and your thoughtfulness.

    1. Hi Cate – Yay! I told myself if one other person benefited from them, they’d be worth doing.

  2. Thanks very much for the Evernote information. I knew of the program but have never used it. That might change after reviewing your videos and comments.


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