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The “Linda learns to dance” video

Last week I shared with you the story of my journey from Emergency to finding my Inner Tina Turner through dance. If you missed it, here is The “Linda learns to dance” project, chapter one.

The dance

Here is my solo performance All That Jazz by Liza Minelli, choreographed by Caelia Gardiner, and performed before a live audience on 13 Aug 2022 at The Refinery, Saskatoon.

All That Jazz, The Refinery, 13 Aug 2022. Video by Dance Alive Studios.

Thank yous

Learning to dance is a big endeavour. I have been helped along the way by countless people. This time I’d like to give a shout out to the many independent small businesses who were an integral part of my journey:

About the cover

This is a shot of my performance in the spring workshop. The Dance Alive Studio program sets students up for success by providing as many opportunities as possible for performance and feedback before going onstage. I’d thought I was ready then but in retrospect I changed every aspect of my look except the shoes.
Dress rehearsal, Jun 2022, Dance Alive Studios, video by C. Gardiner

Next week

This has been a summer of researching in real life. In the next posts I’ll tell you about my August trip to Victoria, the provincial archives, and the new Chinese Canadian museum.

3 thoughts on “The “Linda learns to dance” video

  1. Linda, I have watched your two videos and all I can say is, very, very impressive. You are right: genealogy is about finding and sharing stories and your journey is a big one. I enjoyed it now and a hundred years from now, I hope your family and others will still enjoy and appreciate your accomplishment.

    Linda Rose Mar

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